My name is Anton Lundh, the CEO and founder of Mighty Magpie, I'm 32 years old and I live in Linköping, Sweden. I was born in Växjö and have also lived in Falun and Stockholm. Before I became a game developer I worked in reality tv as an assistant editor. There I learned how to work as a team, staying organised when there are a lot of files in a project and to have a lot of fun while making something fun (which I think is really important). 
As I'm sure you have gathered I am passionate about level design and writing. Seeing your creations come to life is still so surreal to me and so amazing. I am mostly focused on fantasy but that is not a limitation as I can write and design for anything. 

Other fun facts are that I'm a cosplayerphotographer and I love kexchoklad (Good thing I live in Linköping, the heart of kexchoklad <3)

Favorite games of all time are The legend of Zelda - Ocarina of time, Kingdom Hearts 2, Halo and Overwatch 2.
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